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Iwans Weg: English Version

Someone on Reddit asked for an english version of Iwans Weg (Ivans Way), my german-only Shadowrun-Novel. I would love that too, but to make this happen many people have to nag Catalyst about it. However here is a quick and dirty translation of the promotext:

2078. The world has changed. Some say it has awakened. For decades dwarfs, elves, orks and trolls have been part of metahumanity. Dragons were elected president and assassinated. Megacons direct the fortune of the world. Whoever has the cash enhances himself with bio- and cyberware. Whoever has the luck are able to sling magic. And everybody on the globe is using the Matrix, which has grown from the last crash even more all-encompassing than ever. Germany. The Ruhrgebiet. Cologne and Dusseldorf have sprawled into the giant city moloch that is known as the Rhein-Ruhr-Megaplex. While the arcologies of the megacons gleam in light whole districts have sunken into shadows and chaos.

Iwan, a young hacker, was born in one of these districts – Dortmund Nordstadt. He has been trying everything to find a path towards the light. As he fails, his last hope is a seelie named Mae. But the fairy is beleaguered by a dark secret. And she is on the run, ruthless killers on her trail. The most brutal among them is Rhoslyn, who mill a path of destruction in a world of machine and matrix entirely new to him. Also after her is a team of shadowrunners blackmailed into hunting her down. Hunters and hunted cause a maelstrom of violence, which threatens to devour Iwan forever.